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This remarkable item allows you to harvest a genuine pearl from an oyster and then turn it into jewelry. It’s so remarkable and wonderful, we’re going to take you through it step-by-step.

First, the entire kit comes in an attractive box. It contains everything you need to create stunning (and real) pearl jewelry!

You’ll find a sealed can containing a genuine oyster. The oyster is preserved in a special liquid. IMPORTANT: The liquid is part alcohol and is not to drinkable. You’re making jewelry — not dinner. Do not drink the liquid or eat the oyster. See warning at the bottom of this page.

When you pop the lid off the can, you’ll find your oyster.

The kit also includes a lovely necklace that is missing… you guessed it…. a pearl. You will be opening the oyster to get the pearl for the necklace.

Naturally, your pearl will not be enormous. But that doesn’t mean it’s not pretty. And because it’s natural, some will be larger and some will be smaller than the one in the photo. The box explains that there are 5 different colors of pearls that you might find. Lavender, White, Peach, Gold, and Cream. Ours appears to be Gold, but it is a little peachy, too.

You’re almost done!The necklace is specially designed to open up so you can easily put the pearl inside.

Once you swing it shut, your pearl necklace is complete!

Wear it (or give it) proudly! After all, you made it yourself!

I hope you agree that this is the coolest jewelry item ever made.But, in closing, please note…

This Is Not A Child’s Toy

Children must be supervised when harvesting their pearl.

Please read the warning on the left carefully!


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