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I watched Tropic Thunder with my family in the cinemas yesterday and thought it was hilarious! It was a great movie! Especially Ben Stiller, Robert Downey Jr. and Tom Cruise! I couldn’t believe the bald, chubby guy was Tom Cruise! Haha… and Robert Downey Jr. was turned into an African-American guy! He even talks like a black guy… Jack Black was funny too but I thought he was kinda sick.  The part where they showed that Ben Stiller acted in a movie called ‘Simple Jack’ was so funny that I laughed my guts out!

Whenever Robert Downey Jr. speaks, it’s always funny! He sounded and looked like a real African-American. Here, check out the Tropic Thunder videos below!

Tom Cruise’s Tropic Thunder Dance

Iron Man Goes Black

Tropic Thunder Red Carpet Premiere


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