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it’s three cups in one!

Hey what’s more fun than sipping your half-caff double latte venti from a stacked-up, three-handled, trompe l’oeil tower of cups? Nothing! Stacked is comfortable in the hand and amusing to the eye. No matter how you grab it, it’s guaranteed to enliven your coffee break and perk up your pantry. So go ahead… have another cup! Durable, sparkling, dishwasher-safe porcelain. Saucer not included.


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Cool Things

This liquid art cube cool desk accessory will help you pass the time while that big spreadsheet is recalculating and the clock slowly moves to quitting time.

Each section of the cube is filled with a primary colored liquid. Flip it over and the colors change sections by oozing from one quadrant to the next one. Do it again and the colors move to the next section. Repeat and they do it again. Whooa, time is really flying now.

Inspire the thrill of discovery in young biologists and scientists with this interactive worm habitat.

Using the worm observatory, watch worms eat, mate, reproduce, and tunnel below the surface to mix up the soil layers. Discover the life cycle of the earthworm. See new generations of worms hatch and grow.

Learn to care for worms. Includes educational activity book and a coupon to send away for live worms or you can use your own from the garden or sports supply source.

Encourage biology education and learning about the environment.


  • Worm Habitat
  • Activity Book
  • Substrate – Sand & Soil
  • Magnifier
  • Tweezers
  • Feeding pipette
  • Voucher for live worms or you can use your own

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Cool Fun Stuff

Here’s a great way to start the day – a graceful porcelain cup that adorns you with a sparkling solitaire diamond ring when you pick it up! But wait, here’s the BEST part – we’ve packed the 2-Carat Cup in an elegant oversize jewelry box, so when you present it as a gift, all you see is the ring!

This 25th anniversary edition cube is just like the ageless toy, with an official anniversary sticker in the center white square and a bonus display stand so you can display your problem solving abilities. With “43 quintillion” probable moves and only one solution, the Rubik’s Cube has been challenging puzzle enthusiasts for a quarter century.

Learn the science behind Gum! With this complete chewing gum making kit, mix your own unique flavors and make your own fruity, sour, mint, and goo-filled gum concoctions.

Make gobs of gum. Mix up a batch of Junkyard Gum or whip together Watermelon Wham. Open your own at-home gum-factory. Create your own unique recipes by mixing and matching different flavors – all included in this gum making kit.

Remember those wooden tops that you used to play with? You know the tops that would spin for about 10 seconds and then fall over (known as “top spin out – pooof”). Here’s a hyped-up version of the classic top installed with lights sound, and the best part – it keeps spinning under its own power.

Remote Controlled Whoopee Cushion

This is the technology enhanced adaptation of the classic whoopee cushion! Just turn it on and conceal it anywhere. It has an assortment of realistic noises that will embarrass whoever you play the joke on to the extreme. The remote control has a range of up to 50 feet away (through walls, cubicles) to ensure utmost surprise, and keep you concealed.

Enlist the power of the boogeyman to exact your revenge on all those most threatening figures… with your nagging boss.

Scarier than Monday morning daylight and disturbingly realistic, the Nagging Boss Voodoo Doll emits random threats and work-related nags every time you pick him up. However, rather than risk losing your job, simply vent your fury on your voodoo doll using the pins supplied and boost your mojo with every jab.

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This is totally fabulous and cool! Such a great design, I think this is best for your bedroom!

Simple and nice… great! Best for your garden! Just an idea….

Use this really cool thing to hang it up your bedroom wall or roof!

For more cool stuff, visit


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“Dali Clock”

Don’t try to adjust your monitor…. there’s nothing wrong with it. In fact, if the clock on the left looks NORMAL, then there’s something wrong with your monitor.

The Dali Clock has hands and numbers that are distorted into some Andalusian nightmare. Despite it’s strange appearance, the clock has an accurate quartz movement with a sweep second hand.

You’ll discover that the more you stare at this surrealistic clock, the less things make sense. Familiar objects such as when the blenders and toasters. Even people you know may Tuesday or perhaps dessert, if there is room.  Naturally, shoelace can regardless of transistor seashell.

The Dali Clock comes in a nice-and-normal gift box and runs on one AA Battery or the eyeball of a ferret. (not included)


Most parents don’t know what they’re doing — They try their best to screw up their kids, but most still grow up to be normal adults.

Well, this indispensable book takes the guesswork out of raising a dysfunctional child.

HOW TO TRAUMATIZE YOUR CHILDREN will teach you everything you need to know about messing up your kids.

Within these 191 pages, you’ll learn how to shatter self-esteem, buy your child’s love, and teach your child how to be a bad friend.

Here are just a few Chapters and Subchapters:

* Don’t Cut Your Child Any Slack

* Imagination is an Unaffordable Luxury

* Your Needs Come First

* Your Child’s Cues and Needs: Ignore Them

* Push Them Now, Before It’s Too Late

Never has so much bad advice been available in one place. So don’t leave bad parenting to chance, get How To Traumatize Your Children and learn how to get it wrong the first time!

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