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Stare at this animation for 40 seconds, and concentrate on the black spot. After some time, the image will switch automatically (since it’s 2 frame animation), and show you black and white photo of a Pyramid in Egypt. Because of the special effect, originally invented by John Shadowsky, you will see a full color photo of the Pyramid instead black and white one that shows up. Don’t believe me? See for your self! These kind of illusions became really popular in last few months. You can even find few of them in this site’s Archives. Check Rainbow Illusion, and Black and White Spanish Castle Illusion. Here’s what Felice Lungo, creator of this submission wrote in his email: “I made a “Black&White in Color Image” and I would be really glad if you can add it on your website! I don’t know if it’s possible!, but I hope! Hope you like it!”

After succesfull “Find your Blind Spot Illusion”, Mighty Optical Illusions brings you another cool test. Color blindness, also known as daltonism, is a deficiency in the view of certain colors. Red/green color distortion is the most common type of color vision impairment. In a few very rare cases, some people can only see in black and white shades. Color blindness is almost always an inherited condition although males are more likely than females to get it. Symptoms are inability to distinguish colors (usually red/green and sometimes yellow/blue).Click on the image below to open it in full size. You should see numbers inside the circles. If you aren’t color blind, you will see correct numbers (results are written next to circles so you can check them).

The photo below to the right shows an example of someone who confuses red and green. To such a person, reds and greens are indistinguishable and may appear the same.

Normal Vision
A Person Who Confuses Red and Green

Look at the chart below and quickly say the color, not the word. This prooves how our brain uses each side of the brain for different action: your right side of the brain want’s you to say the color, but the left side insists on reading the word!


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Instructions: Write out all the letters of your name(full name) and match the letters to the number they correspond to using the chart below.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9







I added all the numbers together and got 33. Then I added 3 and 3 together and got 6! So my magical number`s six! If your number`s more than nine, keep adding until you get a number which is 9 or below. So, that`s how you get your magical number. Check out the results below!

One: This is considered the head of all Cosmos. You love attention and you are a natural born leader!

Two: You`re a follower instead of a leader because you don`t want to hurt anyone`s feelings. You love the art of a good conversation and always take both sides of a story into consideration.

Three: You have many talents and love creativity and imagination. You use your talent to better the world.

Four: Well, one thing`s for sure, you and celebrities get along really well!

Five: You hate having nothing to do, so you`re always on the go. You love being around people and you have tons of energy. If you`re bored, it won`t be long before you find adventure. To explain this in a short word, it is HYPER. I just thought it would be impolite!

Six: You are romantic, peaceful, and devoted to your family. Sixes love to create art and music or write.(This is my magic number! This is so me!)

Seven: You may keep to yourself, but that`s because you`re always thinking, dreaming and analyzing.

Eight: You are hardworking and determined. Eights are outspoken and opinionated but extremely loyal to everyone in their life!

Nine: You are all about the good and welfare of humanity. Nine`s are on a quest to save the world!

So, what number did you get? The same as mine?

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