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This plant is unbelievable… it moves! Just stroke the leaves and they will quickly close. What’s more, every night the plant will fold up and go to sleep only to awake each morning spread its leaves again. Very odd!


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The Incredible Expanding Bunny

Astounding optical illusions which never fail to amaze and amuse. Follow the instructions for a mind-altering experience to expand your universe. Includes one metal wheel which spins freely on any smooth surface. Watch it closely for 20 seconds and then focus on the magical bunny. The appearance of this object can be made to grow or shrink with the direction of a spin.

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He’s a jerk – now get even on paper!

Traditionally a voodoo doll is dedicated to only one person. But most of us have far more individuals in our lives who require blessings or hexes… hence the practicality of a multiple-sheet pad! Doodle and annotate your intentions, then watch your wishes come true! Get both hopes and aggressions out, depending on your mood!

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Just say no to disposable cups!

Love coffee? Love Earth? Perfect! Our “I Am Not A Paper Cup” Cup is the coolest thing since sliced bread. Be nice to the environment while slurping your morning mojo. The silicon lid helps keep your beverage hot or cold longer while helping to prevent spills while running laps in your cube farm. Two layers of porcelain are separated by a hollow cavity that acts as a perfect insulator for hot or cold drinks! Say goodbye to Styrofoam forever! Don’t listen to what Kermit used to say… It is easy being green! It’s Eco-friendly, reusable and dishwasher safe.

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Dear readers,

I would like to inform you that I have a new blog on Blogger. It’s called

☆ Dazzle Brazzle ☆

Here’s the link to it:


This doesn’t mean that I’m not writing posts on this blog too, I will write them, but I will make more posts on Blogger, more interesting posts!

Yours truly,


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I watched Tropic Thunder with my family in the cinemas yesterday and thought it was hilarious! It was a great movie! Especially Ben Stiller, Robert Downey Jr. and Tom Cruise! I couldn’t believe the bald, chubby guy was Tom Cruise! Haha… and Robert Downey Jr. was turned into an African-American guy! He even talks like a black guy… Jack Black was funny too but I thought he was kinda sick.  The part where they showed that Ben Stiller acted in a movie called ‘Simple Jack’ was so funny that I laughed my guts out!

Whenever Robert Downey Jr. speaks, it’s always funny! He sounded and looked like a real African-American. Here, check out the Tropic Thunder videos below!

Tom Cruise’s Tropic Thunder Dance

Iron Man Goes Black

Tropic Thunder Red Carpet Premiere

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Stare at this animation for 40 seconds, and concentrate on the black spot. After some time, the image will switch automatically (since it’s 2 frame animation), and show you black and white photo of a Pyramid in Egypt. Because of the special effect, originally invented by John Shadowsky, you will see a full color photo of the Pyramid instead black and white one that shows up. Don’t believe me? See for your self! These kind of illusions became really popular in last few months. You can even find few of them in this site’s Archives. Check Rainbow Illusion, and Black and White Spanish Castle Illusion. Here’s what Felice Lungo, creator of this submission wrote in his email: “I made a “Black&White in Color Image” and I would be really glad if you can add it on your website! I don’t know if it’s possible!, but I hope! Hope you like it!”

After succesfull “Find your Blind Spot Illusion”, Mighty Optical Illusions brings you another cool test. Color blindness, also known as daltonism, is a deficiency in the view of certain colors. Red/green color distortion is the most common type of color vision impairment. In a few very rare cases, some people can only see in black and white shades. Color blindness is almost always an inherited condition although males are more likely than females to get it. Symptoms are inability to distinguish colors (usually red/green and sometimes yellow/blue).Click on the image below to open it in full size. You should see numbers inside the circles. If you aren’t color blind, you will see correct numbers (results are written next to circles so you can check them).

The photo below to the right shows an example of someone who confuses red and green. To such a person, reds and greens are indistinguishable and may appear the same.

Normal Vision
A Person Who Confuses Red and Green

Look at the chart below and quickly say the color, not the word. This prooves how our brain uses each side of the brain for different action: your right side of the brain want’s you to say the color, but the left side insists on reading the word!

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